The Key to Weight Loss is Knowing Your Metabolism


At NOVA Health Recovery, we will analyse your metabolism using direct measurements of your basic metabolic rate and VO2 Max. Using the KORR Cardio Coach, we can ascertain exactly what your body is burning in calories at rest and during exercise. Utilizing this information  with the KORR cardio  app, you can determine your target exercise zones to maximize fitness and fat loss. Knowing where your body functions at baseline and exercise allows you to adjust meal plans and exercise to optimize performance and weight loss. Don't blame a 'slow' metabolism for a lack of weight loss when you aren't certain exactly what your metabolism is! Let accurate measurements of your body's metabolism guide you to health. Likewise, we utilize a  specialized bio-impedance scale to determine your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration status, along with other measurements that allow us to determine if you are effectively losing the correct parts of your weight, namely the fat and not the muscle. Most failures in dieting are a result of the loss of muscle mass which makes you feel weak, fatigued, cold, and miserable. Armed with this information, we can determine the best meal plan and exercise zones for your health success!


Technology-Driven Weight Loss

We thoroughly evaluate each patient for the best pathway to weight loss and health. We use telemedicine and virtual health tools to monitor progress and improve your results. In conjunction with Optifast Meal replacements and VHP, we offer a platform of online nutritional support, online exercise classes, and access to a library of several thousand nutrition videos. Education is power, especially when it is for your health. You can have access to live, one-on-one consultations with a nutritionist and behavioral health expert to help evaluate lifestyle strategies to promote weight loss.

Your physician can track your progress by having you use a fit bit-type device and specialty scale that measures weight, BMI, hydration, muscle mass changes, sleep and activity performance so you get continuous feedback and guidance. This data comes to a dashboard in the physician's office. We use telemedicine, so it will be easy for you to arrange follow-ups from the convenience of your home!

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