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  • Ketamine offers rapid depression relief
  • Ketamine works well in treatment-resistant cases

NOVA HEALTH RECOVERY Offers the following:

KETAMINE IV Therapy for Rapid Depression Treatment
Nasal Spray KETAMINE Therapy for Depression
KETAMINE THERAPY for PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain
IV Vitamin Therapies for Athletic Performance
IV Amino Acid Therapies for Athletic Performance
Specialty IV Vitamin Therapies for Health Concerns
High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy for Cancer| Immune
IV AntiOxidant Formulations for stress relief | detox
IV NAD+ Therapy for anti-aging
IV NAD+ Therapy for Addiction, Mind-fog, Fibromyalgia
IV NAD+ Therapy for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
IV NAD+ Therapy and MIC Injections for Weight Los