Weight management in Fairfax and Alexandria

Dr. Sendi is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and uses state of the art treatments to maximize your weight loss. Patients will be assessed completely to design a weight management program that fits best for your  long term success! We have numerous available protocols which can be discussed in a directed consultation. Options include ketogenic-type diets, prescription meal replacement plans such as Optifast, and medication assisted therapies including prescription diet medications. A wellness survey will be conducted to help change lifestyle and behavioral components that may interfere with your progress. Coordination with exercise trainers and nutritionists will be included through Virtual Health Partners. For those looking for more advanced therapies such as surgical and endoscopic approaches, evaluation and referrals to appropriate centers can be made. We use telemedicine to allow for confidential home video visits at times that are convenient for you.

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Addiction and Recovery

We offer progressive therapies in Alexandria and Fairfax for opioid and alcohol use disorders which include Naltrexone (Vivitrol), Suboxone, Sublocade (Injectable Buprenorphine), and Probuphine therapies. Alcohol use disorders are treated with FDA approved therapies which include Acamprosate, Vivitrol, and Antabuse, as well as off-label, progressive therapies such as Gabapentin, Topramax, baclofen, and several others to assist in cravings and relapse. We compassionately and thoroughly assess each patient's situation to create a personalized care plan that will allow successful recovery. We use Telemedicine services so you can have your appointment in the comfort of your own home at a time that may be more convenient. Using facetime, Google hangout, Skype, or other services, you can securely and privately have appointments from any location. Call us at 703-844-0184 or email us at email@novahealthrecovery.com. You can learn more below or go to our other site: NOVA Addiction Specialists . We have immediate appointments 7 days a week. We primarily have evening hours to fit your working schedule as late as 10 P.M.!

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Ketamine Treatment Center

Ketamine has been shown to be highly effective in treatment-resistant depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, CRPS, and several other conditions. For depression, patients feel effects within 24 hours, as this is a rapid acting treatment, and it starts to lift the feelings of depression within hours to days. The infusions take an hour for most protocols and require that you be driven to and from the center. The procedure is done in a monitored and safe setting by Dr. Sendi, who has been using ketamine for over 22 years in Emergency Department settings as well as in the office. Although each person's experience is different, most patients feel an uplifting, mood-elevating effect during the infusion. The depression protocol generally follows a series of 6 infusions usually twice a week. Our sister site, NOVA Ketamine has more information on scientific studies that support the therapy. Dr. Sendi can be consulted at 703-844-0184 or send an email to email@novahealthrecovery.com to see if Ketamine would be appropriate for you. Although we do not accept insurance, we can provide a Superbill for you to submit to insurance. Many patients are able to receive some compensation from their insurance unless it is Medicaid or Medicare.

More Ketamine information can be found at NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Infusion Center as well. We have other options to treat depression that are effective and cutting-edge. We use home based ketamine nasal spray to effectively treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, addiction,  and other mood disorders. We also utilize scopolamine infusions for antidepressant effects and anxiety disorders. Call today for an appointment. No referral is needed.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration in Alexandria, VA

At Sendi Hair Loss Center in Alexandria, VA, we offer a variety of modern and proven hair restoration techniques. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started to lose your hair or have lost a lot over the years. We treat both women and men, and our team works very hard to help clients choose treatments based on their preferences and our accurate assessments of what will work for them.

You deserve a natural look and great confidence, and we want to help you achieve. Some the treatments we offer that you may benefit from greatly include:

  • Laser hair treatments
  • Natural hair restoration
  • NeoGraft hair restoration
  • Hair transplants and restoration
  • Medical evaluation of Hair Loss
  • Compounded and specialty formulations for hair restoration

You don’t have to live with hair loss any longer. We want to help, and we take great pride in making a difference in our clients’ lives. Call The  Sendi Hair Loss Center today for more information. Our location is open Monday through Saturday, 7am – 7pm, and we perform hair restorations for patients from throughout the Greater Alexandria area. 703-844-0184

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IV Vitamin Therapy

Our center is involved in the care of patients with addiction, weight management issues, depression and mood disorders, chronic pain, and chronic medical diseases.. We offer progressive therapies for each condition with a complete evaluation and care plan to optimize your recovery. We also offer Ketamine therapies  for the  treatment of refractory mental health conditions, neuropathies, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. We also offer IV NAD therapies for opioid and alcohol addiction, a therapy which is used to detox patients off of substances. Included in this is the detox of patients from Suboxone. Many patients with chronic illness, Parkinson's disease, addictions, and fibromyalgia|Chronic Fatigue may benefit from IV Vitamin replacement to help in the healing process. Anti-oxidants such as Glutathione, vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids are sub-optimal in the general population, but particularly in recovery and chronic illness, repletion through IV Vitamin therapy provides increased healthfulness and energy. Pre-op and post-operative IV Vitamin repletion can help increase healing and decrease recovery time. For athletes, IV nutritional replacement may give you the edge you need to succeed in your event.  These formulations are similar to the famed Myer's Cocktail and IV Mini that include B-complex, high dose Vitamin C, Dexpanthenol, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, and trace minerals. Whether you are an athlete looking for better performance or have a chronic condition, consult us today for IV Vitamin Therapies. Oral replacement doesn't match the enhancement and absorption of IV Vitamin drips. See us at the IV Medical Center web site for more information or call us at 703-844-0184.

We also utilize  injectable therapies for weight loss treatment, including MIC injections ("fat burners") , Semorelin, and other Vitamin therapies to maximize weight loss.

Also offered are health screening for DOT physicals and preventive medical care to mitigate cardiac risk. As one of our primary care focus is on nutrition and weight management, we will evaluate and suggest treatments for advanced lipid profiles associated with weight-related disorders. Dr. Sendi also utilizes pharmacogenomics and nutrigenetics to formulate the best weight loss and medical strategies for each person.

Lastly, we also administer Low Dose Naltrexone therapy for certain medical therapies, such as Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disorders.

Call us at 703-844-0184 Today. Our office is conveniently located next to Mt. Vernon Hospital at 8101 Hinson Farm Road, Suite 201, Alexandria, Va 22306. We see patients 7 days a week. Our email is email@novahealthrecovery.com.

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